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Urban Style Guide: How to Wear a Saree

What is a saree, but 9 yards of grace waiting to be draped around you? Boundless in designs, styles, look and feel, sarees have come a long way from being the stereotypical traditional Indian ethnic wear.  There’s beauty in its drape.That which any woman could look effortlessly graceful in. Well, no doubt that draping one correctly is nothing short of an art in itself, a well-worn saree can completely make your look. Women throughout India wear sarees in different styles with a hint of regional touch in it.

First things first, if you’re looking to wear a saree, first make sure you have an entire outfit in place. Matching/contrasting saree blouses or cholis (skin tight cropped tops) are a must have as are petticoats (underskirts). While a few basic colored petticoats might be enough, the blouse you plan to wear with the chosen saree would either be provided as part of the saree material or you would need to be purchase one and/or get it tailored.

Here’s a step by step video tutorial that explains how you can drape a saree by yourself.

For those of you who have no idea what a saree is, I’ll take the liberty to quote Sari Safari here:The sari is an unstitched length of cloth measuring 42 – 49″ wide and 5.5 to 9 yards in length. Ornamental borders and a matching end piece, called the pallu or anchal surround the field of the sari, which can also be either richly ornamented or plain.

Saris often come with a matching piece of cloth for the choli, or tight fitting cropped blouse, either woven on the end or the beggining of the sari, or on a separate piece altogether. Some ultra transparent sarees come with a piece of denser cloth dyed or embellished to match. This piece is usually about 3/4 to 1 meter long. The borders are used for the sleeves and back hem of the choli.

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Until next time, be stylish, be beautiful, be yourselves ladies.



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