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Women’s Ethnic Wear- 2012

A kurti is something we’ve all known and heard about. It is easy to wear, convenient, suits every body type and spells comfort. “Ethnic wear  will never go out of fashion in India, where traditional occasions never really end”, Pramila, business head of Deepam Silks was recently quoted as saying. Which is infact, true. There are a varieties of fabrics in the markets to experiment with. One could choose to differentiate their look just by the choice of a color.

Buy ethnic wear outfits in bright fuschia pink or a brilliant shade of turquoise to add a dash of color to your ethnic wear outfits. A safe shade of beige accentuated with an orange could do the trick as well. Formals don’t have to be as boring as we make it to be.

One can always add a hint of glamour to their outfits. For instance, the key to getting any outfit right is by accessorizing it right. Minimally embellished must be accentuated by a prominent accessory and a heavily decorated one must be paired with the most minimal ones. But the key to get it right is to constantly update it with the upcoming fashion season.

Firstly, the fit of the garment must be complementary to your body type. An ill-fitting garment could completely take away from your entire look. Also, the choice of the fabric should be a matter of concern while choosing the right outfit. Summers aren’t exactly conducive to thick materials. Cottons, chiffons, and khadis are touted as the most comfortable to wear in summer.

Pair your kurta with a nice pair of embellished flats, pumps, peep toes or heels and accessorize with a trendy handbag and you’re all set. Womens clothing, especially, Indian ethnic wear go a far way and are dynamic in their usage. Be it a casual day out, a meeting at office or a parents’-teachers’ meeting at your kid’s school, these will never fail you. Keeping in mind, it is suggested that one pay attention to the comfort factor more as summers in India can take a heavy toll on one.

A woman’s clothes should ideally be in time with  the latest fashion trends and also complement her skin tone.  Today’s Indian woman is nothing lesser than the man who claimed to dominate the familial system and form what we call a patriarchal society. The woman of India fends for herself, is strong-headed and capable of making practically any decision that a man could have in a situation. There is an added grace in what she does. She has the flair for it and she does it pretty darn well! And no! That doesn’t mean she needs to be man-like to accomplish what she does. Its beautiful because she retains her feminine grace while she’s at it.

A working woman’s wardrobe has come a long way since the WWII, when women in the States left behind their layers of crochet and lace to make room for baggy pants and bandanas. We believe it’s essential to not let go of that very factor that makes a lady, a lady. Of course, we don’t mean we’re ignoring the aspect of practicality. Exactly where functional Indian ethnics come into play. Say hello to the multifarious, Kurti!




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