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Work wear that works for men!

Sixty percent people feel that professionals who dress up better have higher chances of promotion. Though unfair it may sound but your clothes and dressing style also affects your work incentives apart from your performance. But don’t get disheartened as the art of smart dressing is no rocket science. We are here to help you choose office wear that ensures you leave a lasting impression. Try on these easy to get looks for your office and make sure you get the attention that you deserve.

# Smart everyday office wear
Surprising it may sound but something as  simple a pair of well fitting trousers and shirt can do wonders to your appearance. Make sure that your shirt is wrinkle free to let your bosses know that you are a responsible and trustworthy employee. Who says office wear needs to be boring? Put on a classic Casio watch to proclaim your style sense. Lace up elegant leather shoes to leave your mark wherever you go!

# Cool Friday dressing
To make your workplace more interesting most of the companies have come up with the concept of Friday dressing. So once a weak, you have the liberty to come in semi-formal and casual to work. But most of the professionals have a very wrong idea of Friday dressing so they end up looking more like a misplaced rock wannabes that cool professionals! Try this cool Friday dressing look put together by us to look your very best at work. Wear smart checked shirts teamed with chinos to stay comfortable and radiate style on Fridays. You can also put on your casual Fossil watch to jazz up your work wear. Put on classy leather loafers to let your colleagues know that you are not just good at your work but have an overall expertise.

Dressing up smartly fills you with confidence not to mention it enhances your personality! So go ahead get and image makeover and face the face head ON!




2 thoughts on “Work wear that works for men!

  1. Nice watch thanks for sharing…uniforms

    Posted by uniformstar | October 10, 2012, 12:23 pm


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