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Make It Count This Valentine’s

Love is in the air but you are in a state of frenzy! Now that sure doesn’t sound right, does it? Does thinking about how to make Valentine’s day special give you sleepless nights? Well, worry no more as we give you quick and easy options that will light up your day and leave you feeling all loved! We are going to shamelessly concentrate on the non-singles here! Read on to know more about how to charm your special one…

 Movie Shovie 😛

Movies, yes, good old movies… We can never get enough of the movies now, can we? For all of you movie buffs out there, this is possibly one of the best ways to regale yourselves. The only thing to keep in mind though is that your significant other should be an avid movie-watcher too! This and the fact that you should be well versed with the movie preferences of your valentine, as you do not want the whole affair to blow up in your face! You can either go to the movie theatre or just rent a couple of good movie DVDs and watch them at home while you cuddle up to each other. Stop dreaming now! 😛 For more on movie choices for Valentine’s day, follow this link… 🙂 ❤

Shopping Spree

Shopping is a sure shot way to put a smile on your girl’s face but we can turn the tables here a bit and ask the girls to treat their men to some retail therapy too! You can get your better half just about anything, from personalised apparel, accessories and perfumes to hand-made cards, CDs with both of your favorite songs and a simple all you can buy shopping voucher. For more lowdown on gifting options, follow the link… ❤

Dinner Date

Some sparkling champagne, a few scented candles, soft music playing in the background, delectable food – now it doesn’t have to be this perfect. We know what the ladies(and for the ladies, the men) want and it certainly doesn’t have to be this fancy! It is the thought that counts. Try and cook something simple yet bearing aphrodisiac-like qualities. 😉 And if the culinary arts don’t quite interest you, we suggest that you just order in. Just stay away from the garlic a bit…

 A Quick Getaway

A long drive outside town, a quick hiking trip, a day at the beach or any activity that requires the two of you to spend some quality time together will do the trick. Just plan it out a little in advance to avoid unnecessary last minute glitches. You don’t want something as trivial as, say, forgetting or failing to pre-book the holiday inn to put a spanner in the works! Away from the madding crowd indeed… ❤


Now this is for those couples who have reached that phase in their relationship where getting married is only the next, most natural step. Go ahead and pop the question to her. And make sure that you also manage to somehow record the breathtaking moment on camera for posterity‘s sake…! No, we’re kidding! Don’t bother yourself with such hokum, just soak it all in and revel in that moment’s special glow of love… 😉 ❤

Finally, stay holed up in your bedroom and… There is really no substitute to just gazing into each other’s eyes… 🙂 For when was the last time you noticed how beautiful he/ she was?The gift of love is the greatest gift ever given. Whether you are a young adult waiting to ask that cute girl on a date, one half of a much in love couple or part of a happily-married-for-some-years-now pair, show him/ her how much you care…! All the best! ❤



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