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Valentine’s Day: Do-it-yourself gifts!

Come Valentine’s Day and you’re probably confused about what to gift your significant other! Try something different this Valentine’s. Instead of investing money and energy on something from a shop, get creative and do something on your own. Craft something special for your someone special, and we guarantee complete returns on your Valentine’s Day – in kind! 😉

Here are some ideas on creating gifts right at home to communicate your ‘I love you’ like you mean it…

1. Personalised Valentine’s card

This Valentine’s we recommend NOT running to the nearest Archies store! Get creative and make your own Valentine’s Day card with personalised embellishments such as chocolate or candy wrappers, photos of their favourite celebrities, beads, glitter, mirrors and the works. You can either write or cut out the words you’d like to convey. If you’re a woman, add that special touch with a lipstick filled smooch impression on the card!

2. Paper roses

Give your neighbourhood florist a run for his money! Use patterned or plain paper to make pretty rolled paper roses. Your significant other will surely melt on the sight of these pretty flowers made so painstakingly! I love Wikihow for their step-by-step instructions on how to make paper roses.

3. ’52 reasons I love you’ booklet

This is probably one of the most popular personalised gifting options seen over the internet. Make a ring booklet with a complete set of playing cards. On each sheet, paste cards which spell out why you love him/her. You are sure to find your someone special swoon over you! I found this idea on the Papervinez blog and couldn’t take my eyes off it! For the entire process on how to make this card booklet, check out this website.


4. Valentine’s cupcake!

Save a trip to the expensive cake shop. Make delicious cupcakes at home! I found this delightfully entertaining tutorial video on how to make cupcakes for Valentine’s.

5. Sing a song

Love is in the air. And you could always do it the old-fashioned way by getting expressive with music! Bring out your guitar, keyboard or any other instrument. Or simply use your vocal chords! It is time to pen a song and sing it. You could either serenade your significant other with live music or record the song in a file to surprise them!

Well, our job here is done. You can express your love in so many ways, adding your very own personal touch and making it extra special.

Here’s wishing you a totally fun, creative Valentine’s Day where you’re rewarded with moments well worth the efforts! 🙂

Aarthi Nandakumar @ Myntra



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